The Time Is Now

With a coordinated and strategic campaign, the death penalty can be abolished in the United States. Since 2007, six states have repealed the death penalty. Across the country, death sentences are declining. Key constituencies such as law enforcement, social conservatives and murder victims’ families are speaking out about how this punishment has failed to serve their interests. And the extraordinary emotional and economic burdens on a state and its employees to litigate death and maintain its mechanics are bringing escalating calls for repeal. The mounting cost of state executions, highly publicized cases of gruesome executions, innocent people on death row, and increasing awareness that the death penalty is not applied fairly are driving this climate for change, making this the perfect moment to rally against the death penalty and win.

Themis Fund supports the national Death Penalty Abolition Campaign. Themis will ensure that the goals and opportunities identified by the national campaign, its director and staff are supported through grantmaking that strategically responds to opportunities at the local, state and federal level. Through Themis, the campaign will fund coordinated efforts across the country that will lead toward abolition.