Domestic Drone Surveillance Webinar
In September 2013, the Security & Rights Collaborative hosted a webinar titled Domestic Drone Surveillance: Civil Liberties and Human Rights Implications and Advocacy Efforts on the Use of Drones by U.S. Law Enforcement. Click here to download the recording. The webinar featured Shahid Buttar from the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, Lynn Fahselt from ReThink Media, and Linda Lye from ACLU of Northern California and focused on the growing use of drones for surveillance by law enforcement agencies, the privacy and civil liberties implications surrounding their use, and advocacy strategies calling for regulation and protections.
Building a Field-wide Communications Hub: Lesson Learned Report
In 2012, the Security & Rights Collaborative announced the release of Building a Field-Wide Communications Hub: Lessons Learned. Since 2008, Security & Rights Collaborative has worked to build communications capacity, support strategic communications wins and increase collaboration among organizations working in the field of national security and human rights.  This report provides an account of the process, outcomes and key findings as the work has evolved.