Strategic funding to protect and restore the civil rights of individuals whose communities have been targeted for racial profiling, mass surveillance and hate crimes in the post-9/11 security environment of the United States.

In a post-9/11 world, fear is used to justify policies and practices that threaten fundamental principles of our society. Anti-terrorism laws and enforcement activities have targeted freedom of speech, association and religious expression. Racial, ethnic and religious discrimination and profiling of Muslim, Arab and South Asian communities continues to rise. These are some of the most challenging civil liberties and human rights issues of our time.

Security & Rights Collaborative partners with individual donors and foundations to award more than $1 million each year in grants to reframe the public discourse and advance progressive national security policy goals.
The Collaborative combines direct grant making with convening and technical assistance to build the capacity of individual organizations as well as the human rights and civil liberties field as a whole. Grant making strategy and successes at a glance:

> A collaborative communications infrastructure serving this diverse field of more than 100 organizations provides daily media clippings, talking points, polling and public opinion updates, opposition messaging analysis and coordinated capacity for rapid response communications. Increased messaging coordination among organizations has resulted in a more sophisticated and proactive communications strategy.

> Capacity building for organizations working with Muslim, Arab and South Asian constituencies most affected by discrimination and profiling policies enables these groups to engage in policy debates, mobilize their grassroots constituents and collaborate with other local, regional and national organizations to advocate for policy change.

> A leadership development initiative strengthens connections and builds collaborative relationships among leaders in distinct parts of the field while increasing the capacity of individuals. The program generates new partnerships among organizations that haven’t previously worked together and leverages greater impact for funder investments in human rights.

> Rapid response grant making supports timely responses to emerging opportunities or threats. Often out-spent by the opposition, the human rights and civil liberties field has historically lacked access to the media resources necessary to rise to unanticipated challenges or take full advantage of opportunities. The availability of rapid response funding levels the playing field and supports strategic media victories on key issues during important political moments.