A diverse and powerful reform movement must be built, one with strong leadership at the national level and deep roots at the state and community levels.

With the more than $7 billion spent on the 2012 election, frustration and anger about unchecked corporate political spending continues to rise among millions of Americans. The growing public outrage over corporations being given “personhood”, the unprecedented influence of Super PACs on our election system, and an even greater amount of undisclosed corporate money in this election cycle has only increased the public’s alienation from our government and its policies, as they believe those decisions are increasingly controlled by large corporate interests.

In order to build a more robust money in politics movement to address these issues, to date, Piper Fund has awarded more than $27 million in grants to support state level organizations addressing money in politics and fair courts, and national organizations working to grow and diversify the reform movement. So far, in 2013 – 2014 alone, Piper’s total grantmaking was $3,469,820 to 19 organizations.