Piper Fund is a funder collaborative that invests in leading edge efforts to address undue special interest influence on our political and judicial systems.

In response to the Citizens United and McCutcheon rulings, and other unprecedented attacks on our democracy by corporate and special interests, Piper Fund’s strategies focus on building a stronger, more robust cross-sectoral movement to remove corporate and other special interest money from our political and judicial systems.
Piper’s grantmaking priorities:

  • Supporting state-based, regional, and national networks to build a broader, more robust cross-sectoral money in politics reform movement;
  • Enhancing communications capacity of the money in politics field through the Collaborative Communications Initiative at ReThink Media;
  • Advancing public financing at the state and municipal levels, and defending existing programs; and
  • Building and improving infrastructure to support state coalition efforts to significantly curb the influence of special interest, ideological, and corporate money on courts through the Judicial Independence Project.

Read more about our grantmaking strategies here.