Proteus provides tailored services to philanthropic projects which are aligned with our mission of social change in the arenas of human rights, democracy and peace. Our support enables groups of donors to come together on cause-related issues without having to build their own internal staffing capacity. We represent an efficient and customized model for funders who benefit not only from our economy of scale, but our years of experience in social justice philanthropy focused on impact. Proteus provides flexible service options including:

  • financial management;
  • human resource management;
  • grants management which may include rapid response, lobbying capacity and due diligence;
  • support for funding partner engagement and other development services;
  • program strategy consulting which can include expertise in progressive policy analysis, field scanning, research and recommended docket preparation.

For more information, please contact:
David Sharken
Director of Partnerships
413.256.0349 extension 114