Thank you for your interest in the Proteus Fund Diversity Fellowship. We are proud of our eight years of service on behalf of professionals of color interested in entering the exciting and transformative world of philanthropy. The Fellowship is a monumental task and takes the work of many to ensure an amazing full year experience for Fellows from across the country. We thank our alumni, foundation partners and larger nonprofit community for sharing their expertise and investing, along with the Proteus Fund, in the next generation of philanthropic leaders and change agents.
We are sorry to announce that we have decided not to offer the Diversity Fellowship in 2014-2015. Should you remain interested in entering the field of philanthropy, please consult the websites of regional associations around the country for job postings of available openings. In addition, we encourage you to consult the websites of supporting organizations such as: Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy, the Association of Black Foundation Executives, Council on Foundations, Emerging Practioners in Philanthropy, Grant Makers for Effective Organizations, Hispanics in Philanthropy and Native Americans in Philanthropy for additional helpful information.
We wish you well in your search and thank you again for your interest in the Proteus Fund Diversity Fellowship.
Tammy Dowley-Blackman
Proteus Fund
Diversity Fellowship