Due to the constantly changing nature of the marriage landscape, the Collaborative reviews its strategic priorities, grantmaking goals and processes on an annual basis to ensure the highest level of strategic impact and responsiveness to needs on the ground. CMC’s grantmaking goals and objectives typically include:

  • Support for public education in key states where full marriage equality is a near term possibility and where public education efforts like those the CMC funds can make a significant difference in advancing the marriage debate;
  • Support of selected public education efforts to bolster appreciation of and support for the freedom to marry in states where this existing right is under attack;
  • Support for special initiatives highly relevant to the larger CMC goal of advancing marriage equality, such as special litigation efforts and work on use of religious exemptions to attempt to justify the undermining of full marriage; and
  • Rapid response grantmaking to address specific opportunities or challenges that arise outside of the CMC’s regular grant cycles. 

Please note that Civil Marriage Collaborative grantmaking is by invitation only.